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Crystal Cards: History, Lore, & Healing Properties in Card Format

On the product page we have posted information on the history, lore, & healing properties of the gemstones each piece of jewelry contains. We have created these Crystal Cards that contain a brief summary of the given information.

Don't want to forget the information you've learned?

Gifting the piece of jewelry you purchased & want to share the gemstone information?

Find the card that matches your respective piece, download & print the cards! It's as easy as that ☺︎

If you scroll past the card gallery, you will find an alphabetical list of the crystals we have created cards for. We are always adding to the list! If you are interested in a card we have not created, let us know & we will add it ASAP ♡ Contact us via the chat feature located in the bottom right hand corner of the window or email us at

The cards are in alphabetical order ▹

If you would like us to send this card version of the history, lore, & healing properties of the crystals in the piece of jewelry you have purchased let us know in the "Add a Note" section at purchase.

There will be an icon that looks like a piece of paper on the cart page where you can leave us a message. In that section, write "Add a crystal card to my order," & we will send a business size card printed on card stock with your order ✧


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