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sister, sister ☮︎ sister company

We got the entrepreneur bug when we started our container gardening service & retail houseplant shop, Horticult. With limited experience & big dreams we started Horticult's sister company, Saul & Saul Designs, where we could showcase & market our art.


While the world stood still during the pandemic, we promised each other that we would immerse ourselves in our passions. What started as a quest for relaxation would evolve into a business, a jewelry line, & an adventure. & who better to share this experience with than each other?


female owned

We are a proud female-owned small business. 

To celebrate the powerful women throughout history - the inspirational, the creative, the intellectual, the revolutionary, the politicians, the firsts, the bests - we have titled each piece of jewelry with the name of a woman that has made an impact on the world. 


the team

Saul & Saul Designs is the definition of family affair.

Our team members include -

Emily Saul, Katie Mayer, & Kathy Saul.

{ Sister + Sister + Mom }

Every piece of jewelry we sell is made by one or more of the three. Each of us have a different technique & style that come together to make up the artful conception that is Saul & Saul Designs.