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Crystal Cards

Want to know more about the gemstones in your new piece of jewelry? These Crystal Cards briefly touch on each gemstone's history, the lore or mythological tales associated with it, the gemstone's healing powers, & more. Not only is the information on these cards intriguing, it also turns your jewelry into a great conversation piece!


You will receive a card for each of the different gemstones found in your order. These cards are a great addition to a gift box! Let us know if you are gifting a specific piece, so we can include separate cards for you to give away.


Trying to identify a gemstone? You will find a bulleted list of the materials found in each piece on its respective product page to the right of the photo gallery. Feel free to contact us with any questions ✺ 

Egyptian lotus by Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759–1840)..png
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