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a smile shared is a smile earned

Spread the love.

Send a friend a 15% off coupon & we'll send you one, too.

Simply enter the name & email of a friend who loves jewelry into the form below & we will send them one (& only one 😉*) email with a coupon code.

Once you have submitted the form, your code will appear on your screen - make sure to write it down!

thanks for the support ♡

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*required fields

If you happen to lose the code, contact us via the chat feature of our site {in the bottom right corner of the screen} or by email! We will have a record of your form submission & can easily verify that you helped spread the word about our jewelry line ✺

*We will not add the email address you submit to any mailing list or share this information with any third party sites. We will only send an email with a coupon code. 

This coupon is limited to one use per customer! Use it wisely!

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