Use our size guides to determine how your piece of jewelry will fit. 

Where can I find a product's measurements?

1.   Find the product page of the piece of jewelry in question. ​​​​​​​

        ∙  Search for a specific piece using the menu bar located at the top of the page.

             - 'Shop' to search by type of jewelry

             - 'Collection' to search for pieces in a particular Saul & Saul Designs


             - 'Featured' to search for jewelry in a trending selection​​​

       ∙  Click on product listing to find its specifications.


2.   Once you are on the respective product page, find the description.

       ∙  The product's description is located to the right of the main picture. 

                    You can find the description in the highlighted area of this picture ☞

3.   The product description for every piece of jewelry is formatted in the same way to make it

      easy for customers to locate the information they are looking for. The size of the product

      will always be recorded underneath a bulleted list of materials the piece is made from. 



       ∙ As you can tell by the example listing, the measurements are easily visible, however, this may

         not be the case for some listings. A limited number of lines of the description are shown

         immediately. For some listings, you may have to click "Read more" in order to find the size of

         the product. 

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Necklace Measurements

necklace measurements.png