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Healing Crystals: Finding the Right Crystal For Your Ailment

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

First of all, what is a crystal?

Crystals are incredible rock formations that represent nature's organization. In Lamen's terms, a crystal is formed when atoms come together in an organized manner with a repeating pattern. They can be found in a number of different shapes & sizes - what they are made of determines how they are formed. For example, salt crystals form cube-shaped crystals. Some elements can even create more than one shape!
❧ For more information on what a crystal is & how it is formed, check out this blog post.

Crystals have a wide variety of functions.

Many of the first radios ever invented used crystals to transmit radio waves. Some watches, such as quartz watches, still use crystals today. Their most common application is in jewelry. They have always been seen as something of beauty & are often placed with diamonds or other stones - even today! Another popular way to use crystals is in alternative medicine for physical & mental healing.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing has been used since ancient times & has seen an increase in popularity recently. Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, & Greek civilizations are only a few that have been recorded using crystals for healing.
Today crystals are used in alternative medicine - medical treatments that are used other than mainstream or traditional therapies. They are used for physical & emotional benefits, including disease prevention & the cure of ailments.

Crystal healing is energy based.

The practice of crystal healing is rooted in the belief that we are all made of energies & when they become stagnant, unbalanced, or blocked, it can cause illness. Crystals enable positive, healing energy to flow into the body, while negative, disease-causing energy flows out. The crystals themselves help to unlock, balance, & direct energy to where it is most needed, supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way. Different crystals have different energies. You can choose which crystals best suit your ailment or use them as a preventative measure.

Wearing crystals is one way holistic therapists suggest to use crystals.

There are a number of different ways holistic therapists use crystals in healing sessions. The most common way for a therapist to use them is for the patient to lie down & place the crystals on or around the affected areas. They type of crystal & the way it is positioned on your body will have different affects. However, crystals are extremely powerful & merely touching them can allow you to feel their energies. Wearing crystals in the form of jewelry is an easy way to use them at home & keep them with you throughout the day.

This is not a scientifically based healing practice.

It is worth noting that this is not a scientifically based healing practice. There is not scientific evidence to support it. Here at Saul & Saul Designs we use crystal healing as a supportive method to modern practices, rather than a substitute.

So, which crystals have what powers?

When you look up Crystal Healing, most sites give you a list of crystals followed by their individual healing properties. We wanted to flip it & give you the emotional & physical ailments, followed by the crystals that can be used to heal them.
We are going to break this down by physical & psychological ailments to help you easily find the crystal best suited for your specific needs!

This is a running list. The practice of crystal healing, as well as the healing powers associated with each stone is extensive. We will add to this list as we continue to learn! If there is a specific condition you would like us to add to our list, message us through the chat feature of our site or contact us via email ☺︎

Physical Ailments

Digestive & Stomach Pains

80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, making your gut a focal point if you want to achieve optimal health.

❧ Peridot

Peridot has several advantages. It stimulates your heat chakra & gives you the power that is needed for dealing with any difficult problem in life, including health issues. It helps relieve stomach pain or pain faced during bowel movements. It is recommended for people who have been facing long-time stomach issues.

❧ Carnelian

This gemstone ensures the healthy functioning of organs, including the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, & stomach. Keeping these organs healthy paves the way towards healthy digestion.

❧ Jasper

Constant stress can invite many unexpected problems for your body, as well as your mind. Stress leads to bad & fluctuating mood behaviors. It can disturb your blood pressure & is a main cause behind many heart diseases. Stress also affects your digestion. When you are tense, your digestive organs do not work smoothly. Using Jasper is a great way to keep stress away & achieve a healthy stomach. It is a brilliant stone that saves you from tension & ensures good digestion.

Allergies & Asthma

❧ Carnelian

Carnelian is a therapeutic stone that aids in the treatment of lung conditions, such as asthma & allergies. More specifically, Carnelian is believed to assist with hay fever. By wearing Carnelian you can assist in alleviating your allergies, as they are associated with the solar plexus chakra & this crystal is a SPC stone.

❧ Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can aid with allergies & other ailments. Adding this stone to an existing treatment will also aid to improve its therapeutic efficiency. Not only does it provide a generalized cleansing, it also amplifies allergy healing benefits of other crystals.

❧ Amethyst

This light purple crystal produces small, yet detectable, levels of magnetic field energy, which is though to interact with the body's magnetic field. In this way, Amethyst is a natural anti-bacterial & detoxifying agent, perfect for treating bacterial infections, skin conditions acne, & Asthma. It is powerfully healing & cleansing, acting as a pain reliever, especially targeted at headaches often caused by sinus & allergies, while simultaneously strengthening the immune system. It is a great aid to people suffering from Asthma, as its detoxifying effects provide respiratory support by removing particles from lungs.

❧ Sapphire

Sapphire restores balance within the body. It has had success when used to treat eczema & allergic dermatitis. Sapphire works well with the throat Chakra, calming the physical symptoms of allergies related to throat & sinus conditions.