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Sandra Day O'Conner 14k Wrap Earrings

Sandra Day O'Conner 14k Wrap Earrings

  • Iolite
  • 14k Gold Fill


Size of Iolite Nugget* ⇢ 8-10mm x 8-12 mm


These earrings are made with natural faceted hand cut semi-precious Indian gemstones. 

Find out the history, lore, & healing powers of Iolite in the information sections at the bottom of the page. 

Ordering this piece of jewelry as a gift? We offer a brief version of this information in an elegant card format. Add it to your gift by finding the Crystal Card blog post. Click on the specific gemstone card & you will see a download & print icon. You can print the card out yourself, or let us know you are gifting these earrings through the "Add A Note" section at purchase.

For more instructions on how to "Add A Note," visit our FAQ's page.



These best selling earrings are one of our signature collections. This design showcases the natural gemstones with a simple elegance.


We create the earring setting & post by wrapping the gemstone in 14k gold filled wire. Working with this type of wire prolongs the earring’s lifetime & makes them suitable for sensitive ears. Every pair of earrings in the 14k Wrap Collection are hypoallergenic & with proper care will not tarnish, turn, or stain your skin. 

For more information on 14k gold filled metals & how to care for this type of jewelry, check out our information sections below.



Some consider larger earrings to be heavy. To prevent these earrings from sitting incorrectly we have provided two options for earring backs:

  • Standard Size 14k Gold Fill Earring Backs
  • Larger Plastic Earring Backs for Stability

The plastic earring backs are better for those with larger holes in their ears or for those who commonly need extra support with earrings. 


*Every pair of earrings is made with natural Iolite of the same color, however, the shape & size of the gemstone will vary, especially in size. These are freeform nuggets that will vary up to 2 mm in length & width. The earrings pictured are the smaller size, closer to a square in shape, whereas the larger size is more of a rectangle. If you have a specific shape you would like to purchase, let us know in the "Add A Note" section in the cart.

Visit our FAQ's page to see details on how to find the "Add A Note" area of the cart page.

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