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Lucille Ball 14k Wrap Earrings

Lucille Ball 14k Wrap Earrings

  • Green Onyx
  • 14k Gold Fill


The color combination of green onyx & gold is one of our absolute favorites, especially for use in this collection. The bright color enhances the elegant & simple design of the 14k Wrap Earrings making these the perfect pair for those wanting to make a tasteful statement. 


These faceted green onyx squares are high quality hand cut Indian gemstones.


These best selling earrings are one of our signature collections. This design showcases the natural gemstones with a simple elegance.


We create the earring setting & post by wrapping the gemstone in 14k gold filled wire. Working with this type of wire prolongs the earring’s lifetime & makes them suitable for sensitive ears. Every pair of earrings in the 14k Wrap Collection are hypoallergenic & with proper care will not tarnish, turn, or stain your skin. 

For more information on 14k gold filled metals & how to care for this type of jewelry, check out our information sections below.



Find out the history, lore, & healing powers of green onyx in the information sections at the bottom of the page. 

Ordering this piece of jewelry as a gift? We offer a brief version of this information in an elegant card format. Add it to your gift by finding the Crystal Card blog post. Click on the specific gemstone card & you will see a download & print icon. You can print the card out yourself, or let us know you are gifting these earrings through the "Add A Note" section at purchase.

  • Lucille Ball was an iconic actress and comedian who, despite criticism from acting teachers and peers, went on to continuously break barriers for women in the entertainment business. After meeting Desi Arnaz while working on a movie set the two quickly eloped, and their relationship became Lucille’s inspiration for her most acclaimed production, I Love Lucy. The two later formed Desilu Productions and went on to produce other celebrated classics such as The Dick Van Dyke Show and Star Trek. After their divorce, Desi sold his ownership of their company to Lucy, making her the first woman to own a major production studio. Lucille Ball’s influence crosses generations, as she implemented many now-commonplace production techniques such as using a live studio audience, and continues to inspire female comedians now and for years to come.

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