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Dr. Kimberly Stewart 14k Wrap Earrings

Dr. Kimberly Stewart 14k Wrap Earrings

  • Jasper
  • 14k Gold Fill


Length ⇢ .62 inches

Height ⇢ .37 inches

Post Length ⇢ 1 cm


These earrings are perfect for any turtle or animal lover ♡ Wear these earrings in your first or second piercing. 

We also have similar dolphin-shaped white Howlite earrings! 


These best selling earrings are one of our signature collections. This design showcases the natural gemstones with a simple elegance.

We create the earring setting & post by wrapping the gemstone in 14k gold filled wire. Working with this type of wire prolongs the earring’s lifetime & makes them suitable for sensitive ears. Every pair of earrings in the 14k Wrap Collection are hypoallergenic & with proper care will not tarnish, turn, or stain your skin. 

For more information on 14k gold filled metals & how to care for this type of jewelry, check out our information sections below.


Find out the history, lore, & healing powers of Jasper in the information sections at the bottom of the page. 

Ordering these earrings as a gift? We offer a brief version of this information in an elegant card format. Find the Crystal Card blog post & print the card out yourself, or let us know you are gifting these earrings through the "Add A Note" section at purchase.


Every pair of earrings is made with Jasper of the same size, however, the shape of the turtle & the color of the gemstone may vary slightly. 

  • With a nickname like "Turtle Lady of St. Kitts," you can imagine what Dr. Kimberly Stewart is known for! Dr. Stewart grew up in Statesboro, GA. After graduating from GA Southern with a bachelors & masters in science, she graduated with a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from Ross University, where she is currently completing her PhD. 

    While studying, she was introduced to sea turtles as an intern with the St. Catherines Island Sea Turtle Program on St. Catherine's Island, GA. Later, she moved to St. Kitts to attend veterinary school. On St. Kitts, she helped develop & establish of a formal sea turtle program in 2003. Since then, she has lead morning & night patrols for all species nesting on the island, started in-water captures of foraging juveniles, initiated a sea turtle health assessment program, started a program for the sustainable livlihood of sea turtles, & developed a conservation & sea turtle health education program. 

    Dr. Stewart's research & teaching interests are directed at  the management & health of nesting & foraging populations of 3 different species of sea turtle populations on the island of St. Kitts: the leatherback sea turtle, the hawksbill sea turtle, & the green sea turtle. She loves to educate veterinary & grade school students on the opportunities in sea turtle conservation & health.

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