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Toni Morrison 14k Wrap Earrings

Toni Morrison 14k Wrap Earrings

PriceFrom $15.00

Toni Morrison {Shades of Blue} 14k Wrap Earrings

These best selling earrings are one of our signature collections. The wrap design showcases the natural gemstones with a simple elegance.


{Shades of Blue} Gemstones


・Lapis Lazuli

・Blue Tiger's Eye


・Blue Jasper


・Dark Blue Quartz


Due to the significant number of earring styles in our 14k Wrap Collection, we have consolidated the listings by grouping them by color. The earrings in this collection are priced by the size of the gemstone - 

  • Earrings with Large {L} gemstones ⇢ $30
  • Earrings with Medium (M} gemstones ⇢ $20
  • Earrings with Small {S} gemstones ⇢ $15

The only exception to this involves the colorful Evil Eye style earring, which costs $10 due to their size & glass composition. 



Large Gemstone ($30)

  • Lapis Lazuli Triangles*
  • Labradorite Diamonds*


Medium Gemstone ($25)

  • Blue Tiger's Eye Ovals
  • Blue Jasper Turtles ⍟
  • Iolite Nuggets* ☼
  • Kyanite Squares
  • Labradorite Squares*✧
  • Lapis Lazuli Sticks ⍟


Small Gemstone ($15)

  • Dark Blue Quartz Squares


Small Glass Evil Eye ($10) { Not Pictured }

  • Blue Evil Eye                       
  • Light Blue Evil Eye


*Denotes earrings made with High Quality Hand Cut Indian Gemstones.
☼ The Iolite nuggets come in a variety of sizes - from square to rectangular. We have posted pictures of both shapes in the listing to show how different the shape of your earrings could potentially be. If you have a preference in shape, please let us know via the "Add a Note" section found on the Cart page at purchase.

✧The Labradorite Diamonds & Squares can be found in this listing, as well as the {Shades of Gray} 14k Wrap Earring listing due to their labradorescence - the gemstone is light gray in color, however, when light hits the gemstone it appears to be blue. This is more apparent in high quality gems, such as these hand cut stones. To find out more about labradorescence, visit our blog!

⍟ The shape & size of the Lapis Lazuli stick gemstones will vary slightly per pair of earrings. They will be relatively similar to those in the listing, however, these gemstones were shaped by nature, rather than by machine, so each one is unique to some degree. 

Similarly, the shape of the Jasper Turtles may vary, as well. Some turtles havve a slightly longer neck, others legs are a bit shorter/longer. 


We have added a few pictures to this listing with multiple earring styles in order to give you a better idea of their size in comparison to one another.



We are always adding new styles to this collection, so make sure to check back or message us if you didn't find the particular color or shape of gemstone you came to look for!



Chain Backdrop
If you are familiar with our catalogue, you have seen our Ecliptic earrings that come with a chain decoration falling from their earring backs. We are now offering this unique chain backdrop to be purchased separately. Turn a 14k Wrap Earring from a minimalist style to a statement piece! Easily transition your pair of earrings from an everyday look to a formal moment - the possibilities are endless!




Speaking of Earring Backs - Earrings with Large {L} Sized Gemstones Come With 2 Styles of Backs

These two styles of earring backs are for practical use, rather than fashion.
Some consider larger earrings to be heavy. To prevent these earrings from sitting on your ear lobe incorrectly, we provide the following two options for earring backs with each pair of with Large {L} sized gemstones* in your order:

  • Standard Size 14k Gold Fill Earring Backs
  • Larger Plastic Earring Backs for Stability

The plastic earring backs are better for those with larger holes in their ears or for those who commonly need extra support with earrings.
*If you believe you may need extra support for another size earring, let us know in the "Add a Note" section located on the Cart page at purchase. We will do our best to accommodate every customer!


Type of Blue Earring
  • Toni Morrison was a true gift to the literary community. Her debut novel, The Bluest Eye, as well as her many other published works portrayed black life in America in a way that connected to every person who read it. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1987 for her novel Beloved, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as well as being the first African-American woman awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Her work continues to influence authors around the world and, through her prodigious oeuvre, she will live on forever.

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