Pink Aztec Stone Pendant Necklace


We found this Pink Aztec Stone pendant & knew we could make a unique, one-of-a-kind statement piece with it.

This necklace consists of ...
*Pink & white Aztec stone pendant
*2 types of organically shaped purple freshwater pearls
*3 cuts of Botswana Agate -- faceted round, flat disc, & large faceted
*Pink area of Watermelon Tourmaline
*Pink, blue & purple mollusk shell
*Silver metal accent beads
*Sterling silver Bali beads
*Grey glass bicones
*Sterling silver plated toggle clasp

In search of beads that would accent the pink theme, we started with silver metal beads & neutral gray colored glass bicone beads. The bicones are grouped with a single faceted round Botswana Agate separating them.

The second group of bicones are separated by a beautifully decorated, round, sterling silver Bali bead. The Botswana Agate & Bali center beads, while simple & standing alone, begin to hint at what's to come. The pattern continues with a second faceted round Botswana Agate in-between two groups of gray bicones. The necklace starts to get interesting with three oval Botswana Agate discs. The discs are followed by two brilliantly colored, pink, blue, & purple mollusk shells that are separated by another decorated sterling silver Bali bead. The Bali bead is surrounded by two metal discs, acting as caps. After the mollusk shells come five organically shaped, flat, purple freshwater pearls that are separated by glass seed beads. Silver metal beads separate the pearls from the next set of beads, six faceted pink tourmalines. These tourmalines are some of my favorite because of the way their facets shine in the light. Next, a large faceted Botswana Agate sits horizontally on the strand. Botswana Agate comes in an array of colors. For this necklace we chose pieces that were mostly purple with white stripes. The stripes come from volcanic activity over 187 million years ago! Finally, the last group of beads before the centered pendant are a different cut of purple freshwater pearls. These pearls are almost metallic with a dark pink shine in the light. Their color compliments the rest of the necklace, tying together the pink & purple theme well. Finally, the Aztec center piece is strung & the rest of the necklace is made symmetrically.

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