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Carrie Lippencott Earrings

Carrie Lippencott Earrings

  • Miyuki Size 15 Glass Seed Beads
  • C-Lon Beading Thread
  • 14k Gold Filled Ear Wire


Length ⇢ 2.75 inches
Width ⇢ 1.5 inches


These fringe earrings are designed to look like a hanging basket full of Rhipsalis baccifera! Rhipsalis is our favorite plant & a best seller in our sister plant shop, Horticult. Every Rhipsalis lover needs a pair of these earrings!


These earrings are handmade with high quality Miyuki seed beads & durable 100% silk thread. We use a beading needle to weave the beads. Katie figured out how to make the fringe branch to resemble the branching stems of baccifera! 

The ear wires, or the part of the earring that goes through your ear lobe, are made of 14k gold filled metals. This makes them hypoallergenic & nickel-free - perfect for sensitive ears! The ear wire will not tarnish, turn, or stain your skin.


We are busy making earrings that resemble other varieties of Rhipsalis! Stay tuned for Rhipsalis paradoxa, Rhipsalis Dwarf Paradoxa, Rhipsalis hoelleri, & Rhipsalis pittieri ♡ Once they are created, you'll find these earrings in our Inspired by Nature Collection.


Depending on stock, these earrings may be made to order. Please allow 7 days for construction + shipping time. 


Because these earrings are made by hand, each pair of earrings will be the same style & color. However, they may be a slightly different shape - different stems may branch & they may be slightly longer/shorter.

  • Carrie Lippincott was one of the first American women to start a seed selling buisness. In 1886 she built a successfull seed selling company in Minneapolis, Missouri. Her target audience was women, so she used colorful pictures of women & children in fields of flowers for her advertisements. By 1898 she had received one quarter of a million orders! Other seed sellers followed suit & copied her strategy. Carrie Lippincott was one of the first successful female entrepreneurs in the plant industry. 

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