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Amber Nelson Droplet Necklace

Amber Nelson Droplet Necklace

  • Tourmaline
  • 14k Gold Fill


Length ⇢ 16 inches + 3 inch Extender



To celebrate the influential women that have made a significant difference on the world we have named each piece of jewelry after one of them. This necklace is named after Amber Nelson. To find out about her accomplishments, history, & more check out the information boxes below. We will include this information on a card with your purchase.  


Find out the history, lore, & healing powers of Tourmaline in the information sections at the bottom of the page.  



This necklace is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. The chain, findings, & beads are hypoallergenic & with proper care, will not tarnish, turn, or stain your skin! 

For more information on 14k gold filled metals & how to care for this type of jewelry, check out our information sections below. 



Every necklace is made with natural Tourmaline. The shape & size of the gemstones in the piece you receive will be the same as those pictured in the listing, however, the color in each necklace may vary slightly.  

  • Comedian and multiple-podcast host Amber Nelson is the warm, inspirational voice that everyone needs in their life. Amber was born in Saudi Arabia, later moving around to different southern US states before settling in Louisiana for the remainder of her formative years. Her upbringing gives her an interesting juxtapositional view of the world, which resonates through her comedy as her podcasts “The Brighter Side” and “Some Place Under Neith”. She and Ed Larson bring laughter and light to some of the negativities of our world, always looking for “The Brighter Side” of life. Her other podcast focuses on the inverse, as she and Natalie Jean give a voice to marginalized women around the world hoping to bring attention to cases that have been pushed aside or, more or less, forgotten. Follow her instagram accounts for updates on her podcasts’ latest episodes, as well as links to credible and ethical charitable organizations. 






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